The beautiful science fiction photograph, The Spaceman, shot by Fine Art photographer, Edward Donato.

A lonely spaceman, somehow lost, and left behind forever. Seemingly thousands of miles from anything remotely civilized. A crude lunar scientific relic, from the second industrial era, waiting to be discovered. Or perhaps created by some dramatic incarnation. A photo of a man left in space, decomposed in a space suit. Oxygen tank, a complex array of hoses, gages and components needed to sustain life, in an unforgiving environment. But somehow he failed. A celluloid frame, exposed in a strange forbidden world. Someplace we didn't belong. A tragic revelation, a fragmented tale of confinement and loneliness, warning us that the technology was at fault.

Another poor lost soul, fallen victim to a tragic accident. No thoroughfare. The wreckage and debris left to remain, touched only by the inevitable ages in time. The story unraveled in one of humanities most intimate places. The imagination.

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"The Spaceman", Edward Donato , 16x20 Silver, 2013